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June 10, 2014

April 26, 2014

June 28, 2013

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Made by Niki

Please allow me to introduce a brand I have only just started carrying. Words fail me to describe what one feels when wearing one of their pieces. Special? Sexy? Empowered? These adjectives could all work but there is a “je ne sais quoi” that truly makes these pieces special. So here it is, I present you Made by Niki.


My first encounter with Made by Niki was in 2011 when my flatmate at the time, who worked in the lingerie department at Selfridges, came back home carrying a bag she treated so carefully I thought there was a new born child concealed in all the tissue paper. She ceremoniously put the packed up item on her bed and proceeded to unveil the content of this mysterious package. You can always tell when something is special, everything takes more time and her eyes were lite up as if she were enjoying the finest moment of her life. Tissue paper all unfolded, lies in front of me these long strips of strings, like a sleeping animal with long pink hair. She proceeded to kick me out of her room (all done with tact, no violence, I assure you) and soon came out wearing this intricate skirt and bra. I was completely hypnotised by the movement of the skirt as she walked in front of me towards the lounge. These strings with minds of their own made her look like a modern charleston dancer. A bigger surprise was yet to come, she had gotten me a playsuit. For those of you who wonder what a playsuit is,please click here. For those of you who know and have had the pleasure to try one on, you may be envious of the great friend I was living with.


Be my guest, browse and fill your eyes with these delightful designs.

If you wish to try any and see what I saw that first time, book a party or a personal viewing, I never get tired of sharing my love for Made by Niki.





June 20, 2013

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True Luxe, True beauty, True love, Lucile


We all hear about haute couture, the epitome of style, quality and luxe. We all hear about it, yes, but how often do we have the pleasure of owning, yet even wearing a piece of that level of exquisiteness? The answer for the most of us is, simply, not often enough.




    It is with great pleasure and pride that I offer you a range of products that reaches the levels of quality, workmenship and lushness an aristocrat would have been used to 100 years ago. Lucile is one of the gems I had the pleasure to discover at the latest Paris lingerie show. Now run by Camilla Blois, Lady Duff Gordon’s great grand-daughter has taken upon herself to give the brand a second breath of life. She is doing a great job. For all of us who had/have no idea who Lucile Duff Gordon is, here is a link to the entire history of the brand. And just to give you an idea of how important she was in the early 1900’s, she is featured in James Cameron’s Titanic.



    Enough about history, today, Lucile offers a range of bras, knickers, chemises, babydolls and gowns that would make a queen turn green with envy.

So be my guest and visit Workingirls, please your eyes and bare naked bodies.





June 20, 2013

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La vie en rose


I am delighted to announce my upcoming trip to Paris.

There, I will attend lingerie fashion shows, meet designers and pick the ones

I feel are the best to fit you! I know, life is hard in my silk balcony bra and knicker,

but as I work my way to exhaustion, I will be updating this site on a daily basis

with all of my discoveries and I am looking forward to getting your comments!







June 15, 2013

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My first, Mimi Holliday

People tell us that giving back is more fulfilling than getting. I won’t lie to you, that has always been a concept I had a hard time with growing up. Today, I am starting to grasp the depth of it all, and this is a moment I am proud to have reached. Please bear with me as I tell you a bit more about how I became who I am today.

London, 2010, I was a young, innocent woman going around the East End and discovering Shoreditch. For those of you who dont know about Shoreditch, that’s where all the cool kids hang out, and there is no such thing as “hipster” look, since that’s the only dress code there is. Needless to say, times there were magical.

On my Marco Polo mission, I stumbled upon this intriguing boutique with a store front that drew me in instantly. Pushing that door into Bordello was opening a pandora’s box that would change me forever. In this boudoir, red carpeted, pink wall-papered boutique, I indulged in trying on a blood-red lace and champagne silk balcony bra with matching boyshort. There was no going back. I was in love with lingerie and how it made me feel: like the sexiest pair of shoe on the planet, only I was nearly naked and in love with myself. The sound of a band practicing in the basement made the walls vibrate (the Libertines, I was told). An angel had descended upon me to reveal my destiny, my “raison d’etre”.

Where is the giving back part you wonder? OK, I wont be able to give you tickets to see the Libertines, but that bra and boyshort I tried on were from a London based designer, Mimi Holliday.
Available at Workingirls are two basic collections, Sugar pie and Bisou Bisou Pearl which I hope you will enjoy as much as I did. I welcome you to book a party or a private consultation to try for yourself and perhaps experience the same divine intervention!


June 12, 2013

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 Dearest reader, lingerie enthusiast,

As I am pleased to offer what I consider the best lingerie has to offer this side of the galaxy, I do feel the obligation to justify who I am to make such a statement. So here it is, my story:
    I am a Montreal born woman. I was raised in a great and large french Canadian family and went on to study fashion at Lasalle College. After a three year degree specialising in menswear fashion I went on to work in the Montreal fashion industry. For many reasons, Montreal and I at that point were incompatible and I decided to take a one-way plane ticket to London, UK, the country of Jane Austen and Mr. Darcy. Surprise, surprise, men in England are not all Mr. Darcys and well, I'll skip all the details, it was a crash course in life which, I am pleased to say I passed with distinction. 


Enough about the rain, now the sunshine. I managed to get apprenticeships in two of the most prestigious tailoring houses in the world, Gieves & Hawkes and Huntsman. There I learnt from the absolute best about garment construction, workmanship, cloth and how to provide premium service to the richest and most powerful men of this world. (not to brag but I was taught tailoring from Lady Di’s personal tailor who was also working on a tailcoat for Daphne Guiness). Whilst getting my hands covered in cashmere and diamond cloth I took classes at the London College of Fashion in Lingerie and corsetry. Coincidently I was living with a top sales person in contemporary lingerie at the prestigious Selfridges. I must give her credit for introducing me to most of the brands I am now offering you.

Finally, I have come on a crusade back to motherland and offer my dearest compatriots what I had the pleasure of discovering the other side of the Atlantic. Not only do I want to offer brands I believe in, but I wish to make all woman discover these brands the way I did, in a nice comfortable environment with a trusted friend to confide in and most importantly, to have fun!

Hopefully this has given you a better idea of who I am, and keep on reading the blogs, do not hesitate to ask any question. It will be my greatest pleasure to answer them to the best of my knowledge. In hopes of seeing or meeting you soon in a dinner party or private consultation.