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My first, Mimi Holliday

People tell us that giving back is more fulfilling than getting. I won’t lie to you, that has always been a concept I had a hard time with growing up. Today, I am starting to grasp the depth of it all, and this is a moment I am proud to have reached. Please bear with me as I tell you a bit more about how I became who I am today.

London, 2010, I was a young, innocent woman going around the East End and discovering Shoreditch. For those of you who dont know about Shoreditch, that’s where all the cool kids hang out, and there is no such thing as “hipster” look, since that’s the only dress code there is. Needless to say, times there were magical.

On my Marco Polo mission, I stumbled upon this intriguing boutique with a store front that drew me in instantly. Pushing that door into Bordello was opening a pandora’s box that would change me forever. In this boudoir, red carpeted, pink wall-papered boutique, I indulged in trying on a blood-red lace and champagne silk balcony bra with matching boyshort. There was no going back. I was in love with lingerie and how it made me feel: like the sexiest pair of shoe on the planet, only I was nearly naked and in love with myself. The sound of a band practicing in the basement made the walls vibrate (the Libertines, I was told). An angel had descended upon me to reveal my destiny, my “raison d’etre”.

Where is the giving back part you wonder? OK, I wont be able to give you tickets to see the Libertines, but that bra and boyshort I tried on were from a London based designer, Mimi Holliday.
Available at Workingirls are two basic collections, Sugar pie and Bisou Bisou Pearl which I hope you will enjoy as much as I did. I welcome you to book a party or a private consultation to try for yourself and perhaps experience the same divine intervention!