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True Luxe, True beauty, True love, Lucile


We all hear about haute couture, the epitome of style, quality and luxe. We all hear about it, yes, but how often do we have the pleasure of owning, yet even wearing a piece of that level of exquisiteness? The answer for the most of us is, simply, not often enough.




    It is with great pleasure and pride that I offer you a range of products that reaches the levels of quality, workmenship and lushness an aristocrat would have been used to 100 years ago. Lucile is one of the gems I had the pleasure to discover at the latest Paris lingerie show. Now run by Camilla Blois, Lady Duff Gordon’s great grand-daughter has taken upon herself to give the brand a second breath of life. She is doing a great job. For all of us who had/have no idea who Lucile Duff Gordon is, here is a link to the entire history of the brand. And just to give you an idea of how important she was in the early 1900’s, she is featured in James Cameron’s Titanic.



    Enough about history, today, Lucile offers a range of bras, knickers, chemises, babydolls and gowns that would make a queen turn green with envy.

So be my guest and visit Workingirls, please your eyes and bare naked bodies.