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Made by Niki

Please allow me to introduce a brand I have only just started carrying. Words fail me to describe what one feels when wearing one of their pieces. Special? Sexy? Empowered? These adjectives could all work but there is a “je ne sais quoi” that truly makes these pieces special. So here it is, I present you Made by Niki.


My first encounter with Made by Niki was in 2011 when my flatmate at the time, who worked in the lingerie department at Selfridges, came back home carrying a bag she treated so carefully I thought there was a new born child concealed in all the tissue paper. She ceremoniously put the packed up item on her bed and proceeded to unveil the content of this mysterious package. You can always tell when something is special, everything takes more time and her eyes were lite up as if she were enjoying the finest moment of her life. Tissue paper all unfolded, lies in front of me these long strips of strings, like a sleeping animal with long pink hair. She proceeded to kick me out of her room (all done with tact, no violence, I assure you) and soon came out wearing this intricate skirt and bra. I was completely hypnotised by the movement of the skirt as she walked in front of me towards the lounge. These strings with minds of their own made her look like a modern charleston dancer. A bigger surprise was yet to come, she had gotten me a playsuit. For those of you who wonder what a playsuit is,please click here. For those of you who know and have had the pleasure to try one on, you may be envious of the great friend I was living with.


Be my guest, browse and fill your eyes with these delightful designs.

If you wish to try any and see what I saw that first time, book a party or a personal viewing, I never get tired of sharing my love for Made by Niki.