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1001 Lenoir Suite A-110

Montreal, Qc


1001 Lenoir Suite A-110

Montreal, Qc


By appointment only

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Behind every creation,  great amount of skill is involved in making the fantasy, a reality. WG Studio is a team of dedicated women meticulously crafting each Bespoke piece. At the head of the Studio is the Cutter.

Nearly two decades of studies and dedication to perfecting the craftsmanship of garment creation; from womenswear to menswear tailoring to finally finding the true calling of lingerie, the expertise of the cutter driving the WG Studio is unique.

From five years of formal training in womenswear, interning at a renowned Bridal designer's atelier in Montreal. The cutter's training landed her in London where she apprenticed as a tailor on the notorious Savile Row. London was also the city where she developed a deep passion for lingerie and studied Fashion Contour (the art of lingerie) at the London College of Fashion.

 This particular variety of expertise is at the core of WG Studio where the Bespoke concepts and techniques of menswear tailoring emblematic of Savile Row are applied to lingerie and sleepwear. 



We are proud to offer Bespoke Lingerie service.

Every piece made in WG Studio is one of a kind and designed specifically with our client to create exquisite pieces of lingerie. 

The Process

From our first appointment to the delivery our your unique garment, 10 to 12 weeks are required.

We begin at our first meeting by discussing your needs, desires, colours, observe your shape and create a sketch accordingly. We also let you take a peak at our private collection of cloths hand picked from around the world for you to select.

Following are a minimum of three fittings, where you will experience the building of the one-of kind creation under the keen eye of our Cutter.

The delivery of your truly exclusive creation, the conclusion of the Bespoke experience, when the creation passes from our devoted hands onto yours.


Prices Start at

Bra: 500$

Briefs: 250$

Suspender Belt: 300$

Basque: 1050$

Corset: 1250$

Robes: 1300$ 



As part of WG Studio's growth and refinement, we sometimes come across absolute jewels of cloths begging to be to become a garment suiting of it's cachet. Like a piece of marble being sculpted, we create, drape and shape a one of a kind piece ranging from bras to corsets to robes.

This is where you may fall in love with an entirely unique creation ready to be slipped on.