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1001 Lenoir Suite A-110

Montreal, Qc


1001 Lenoir Suite A-110

Montreal, Qc


By appointment only

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Workingirls Lingerie:

Since its inception in 2013, has grown as a company and a community in providing quality lingerie as well as luxury underwear and sleepwear worldwide.

Offering Boutique style assistance and value on the web, it felt right, necessary even, to open a brick and mortar store in order to push the boundaries of service and luxury even further.

Take a step back, take the time to enjoy shopping in a unique concept we call "Experimential Shopping".

Using senses, emotions and human connection, we wish to share memories with you in a place where the ticking clock of the world in fast-forward is left at the door. Enjoy plenty of space, intimacy, privacy, comfort, a shopping haven to those daring enough to give it a try.

Step into the Workingirls universe of beauty, luxury, love and service.




Cornered by Montreal's most buzzing areas and boulevards, stuck in a time warp, a district with its own rules, its own soul;

Uncompromising, rich with history, turmoil and innovations;

Like a Phoenix, St-Henri is rising from the ashes, shining brighter and brighter.

The small neighbourhood streets, mixing seamlessly the old world and the new, are paved with quaint, vivid and sometimes daring independent businesses. In the midst of all those gems, we laid the first brick of Workingirls Lingerie 5 years ago.

As St-Henri evolved so did we.

Our luxurious lingerie store is located in the district that nurtured and inspired us.

Far from prying eyes, set in the modern RCA building, we set our own rules and execute our vision for Workingirls and the forgotten tradition of luxury shopping.




Tucked away from prying eyes, an environment dedicated to beauty, opulence, discovery and lingerie. In the spirit of tradition with a hint of rebellion, give yourself away to the care of our expert hands. Indulge in the refined treatment we offer to every soul searching for freedom and awe.

Our Luxury shopping experience is tailored to your needs; an elegant private fitting, couples wishing to share a moment, a group of friends dreaming of a memorable occasion. 

In the guidance of people who love their trade and live to share it, enjoy refreshments, music and the surround sight of laces and silks our prodigious collection bestows.

 Give yourself over to indulgence and delight.



Probably the rooms that witness the most of our devotion and care are the dressing rooms. Their entire concept stems from our years of experience as both retail experts and astute shoppers.

Your journey begins in our store, however, the magic really happens in our dressing rooms - Alice and Nicola -

The design of the two rooms spreading over 110 sq feet each are very distinct in character and offer the utmost level of privacy, space and comfort. As you enter, you immerse yourself in their own essence.


Unapologetically opulent and glamourous, the Nicola dressing room 

In a Pink setting with gold accents, Nicola is adorned by two colossal golden chained chandeliers, Indonesian Art Deco Chairs and Chess’s Pawn side tables. Despite its opulence, Nicola offers a cosy and warm atmosphere, reminiscent of the famous London’s Savoy Beaufort Bar. With its three way mirror and a ring for assistance bell. Nicola is most certainly the jazziest of dressing rooms.


Poised and elegant, Alice offers and old world flair with a sleek twist. 

Soft and warm grey, French inspired decor, Alice’s delicate decor offers a calming and endearing setting for your fitting. Victorian rose side chairs as well as a pimped up Louis XVI Loveseat furnish this beautiful room completed with three way mirrors and a ring to assist bell. Alice is enchanting and welcoming, sophisticated and pure.



Benefit from our years of expertise and take the time, get to know your true size, your best fit and learn what shape you are and what suits you best. Our lingerie savvy team will lead the way for you to explore and discover yourself through lingerie and embrace your body. From brides to be to new mothers to mature women, we endeavour to understand and fulfill your needs, take you on a journey to self love. We believe in building relationships with our customers and guiding them through the odyssey of womanhood.  Our fitting sessions are booked for 45 min, which provides you with a dedicated consultant and a glass of bubbles to bring a little magic to the experience.




Experience a unique luxury lingerie boutique shopping experience


Our unique St-Henri Store concept is founded on the dream of a wonderful experience. Like a good bottle of wine, great things in life are best shared.

This is why we offer, even encourage you to share this experience with your better half in all comfort, intimacy and of course, luxury.

Your Couples Shopping Experience includes 90 minutes of undisturbed shopping in an illustrious setting accompanied with glasses of bubbles. You may even create a playlist of your favourite music to enhance your time with us.

In order to provide a customer service of the highest standards, the amount of 150 CAD will be due at booking, which will be credited in full towards purchases totalling 850 CAD or more, and will be refunded if your appointment is cancelled at least 72 hours before the scheduled time.

*If you plan on spending less than 850 CAD at our boutique, we recommend booking a regular fitting or visiting us during our walk-in hours