Rekindle the flame

Couple Shopping


- 2 hours of Private Shopping 

By Private, we mean Private! We lock the doors, you are the only guests in the store for the duration of your appointment for an undisturbed experience. We have two large dressing rooms with very distinctive styles for you to enjoy.

- Dedicated Lingerie Expert

You will be guided by one of our lingerie expert. She is there to answer all your questions and help you as much or as little as you need for a seamless experience of shopping precious underpinnings.

- Complementary Bottle of Champagne

We offer a bottle of Champagne with every Couple Shopping booking to mark the celebration.

- Tailored to your needs

We understand everyone is unique and wish to translate this with every couple we welcome. It is our pleasure to accommodate special requests and have you prepare a playlist for the event.

- 72 hrs Cancellation Policy

Change of plans? We have a 72 hrs cancellation policy and issue a full refund. 


CONTACT US - For any questions or special requests!

$250.00 CAD