Taxes & Duty

Taxes & Duty

February 28, 2022

This topic is definitely a tedious process and cost to every single purchase we make. So let me give you a quick explanation of the what, why and when, because a beast is much less intimidating when you know what it is.


Also called purchase tax, is applied to almost every item purchased anywhere. Taxes are applied in the jurisdiction where the goods are used. Ever shopped tax free? this is why, because you are either in transit or on vacation, some countries let you claim back the taxes paid given that you will declare the value of your purchases when returning home.

When buying from our store in Canada, we will not charge taxes on international orders, given that's where the goods will be used. Taxes will be applied however when the parcel enter the destination country, along with duties. Percentages vary from one jurisdiction to another. 


Duties are a tax applied to imported goods. In a tale as old as time, duties were created with the idea of protecting local productions from being undercut by foreign offer and prices. Today, duties are just another tax. The imported goods are declared at customs and the amount is determined by the type and provenance of the product. Sales taxes are then added to the adjusted price including duty. A fair estimation would be between 20 and 30% of the purchase price.

Unfortunately, we have no control over the charged amount.