Full Body Measurement Chart

- Add on to your Workingirls Experience

This booking is designed to be coupled with another appointment at the boutique: Couple Shopping and Lingerie Fitting. All measurements will be taken at the end of your appointment and will add 30 minutes to your allotted time.

- 27 measurement points

From head to toe, we take 27 body measurement points.

- Chart and comprehensive graph

You will receive via email the entire list of measurements as well as a graph to help you understand every point.

- Online Shopping and Custom orders

Find your sizing for every brand, make your online shopping easier, dare to order that custom made item now you can feel confident in all your measurements, or send the to a sculptor and commission a live sized sculpture of you. All of this is now possible

- Perfect to share

"But I don't know your size" will no longer be a valid excuse for Someone failing to buy you that special gift. The chart and graph are designed to be easily deciphered, even by the most lazy ones out there x


CONTACT US - For any questions or special requests! info@workingirlslingerie.com