Story of laundry

Story of laundry

June 12, 2013


    As you may have noticed through the title, this is discussing a very special chore I personally try to postpone as much as possible; laundry. This isnt the History of laundry, but more a very personal look at that thing you need to do, or should do every Sunday.

    Story starts as a kid when all our clothes come out fresh out of the drawer smelling of fabric softner, if you were nice, a warm towel fresh out of the dryer (yes, my mum is a supermum). Then comes puberty and with that our need for independance, usually that doesnt translate in taking the laundry responsability, until you start buying cute underwear. Then you are on a road to discovery, especially regarding those specific undergarments. After having thrown the lot in the washing machine and pressed “delicate” (of course, you know what you are doing) comes to time pull out one bra and everything else follows. Just like the monkey game, and your lingerie clearly won. Once everything is sorted out (I’m exaggerating, I usually got fed up half way through) you throw everything in the dryer. Time to unload, white strechy threads start sticking out of everywhere, on every single piece!

    You then go to college or move out. You still shove everything in the washing machine. Who on earth has time to hand wash everything! And anyway, when you have two weeks of laundry spread out all over the apartment, no time to fuss.

Here comes the part where I, a lingerie specialist rips my hair out just at the thought of someone putting a bra in a washing machine. Well, no, I am human, and I hate laundry too. But evolution, I feel has come my way and I have found a way to maintain my underwear clean without spending an afternoon washing clothes like me ancestors did before electricity.

    Having the fairly normal habit of showering once a day, I have also taken the habit of bringing my knickers in with me and wash them while I leave the conditioner on my hair for a few minutes. This takes almost no time, no hassle. You take the underwear off before getting in the shower! you are wet already and soaping yourself up! Bonus, thats one thing you wont need to worry about next Sunday.