Viva Sensual Rose Gold Long Silk Robe

Distributeur NK Imode
€392,95 EUR

Elevate Elegance with the Viva Long Silk Kimono

Indulge in luxury with our Viva Long Kimono, a beautiful piece designed in Vancouver, Canada, now available in our Montreal store and online. Limited availability ensures exclusivity in this silk gown, crafted to make you feel absolutely fabulous.

Craftsmanship Unleashed: The pure craftsmanship of the Viva Long Kimono is evident in the soft lace insets adorning the sleeves. Every detail reflects a commitment to luxury and sophistication.

Adjustable Elegance: The kimono features an adjustable sash, allowing you to achieve the perfect fit and style it according to your preferences. Embrace versatility and comfort in this statement piece.

Don't miss out on the limited availability of the Viva Long Silk Kimono – a true testament to Canadian elegance in lingerie luxury. Shop now to adorn yourself in opulence.