Workingirls Luxury Lingerie | Coco Cotton pyjama by Olivia Von Halle | Workingirls
Workingirls Luxury Lingerie | Coco Cotton pyjama by Olivia Von Halle | Workingirls

Olivia Von Halle

Coco Cotton pyjama by Olivia Von Halle

  • Inspired by Coco Chanel wearing her lover’s pyjamas in the 20’s, these stylish and feminine pieces offer a luxurious night’s sleep. The timeless Coco Cotton pyjama features a relaxed but tailored fit that exudes refined femininity with smooth black piping accenting the soft white twill. The Coco Cotton is Olivia von Halle’s only cotton pyjama, but is just as bit as luxurious as the rest featuring the highest quality cotton picked carefully for it’s comfort and weight. A perfect present for a new or future bride, or for warm and balmy evenings on holiday. This relaxed summer set is the perfect addition to live and sleep in style.

    All Olivia Von Halle pyjamas are delivered in a sumptuous branded box.
  • - 100% Cotton

    - White

    - Jet black piping

    - Engraved mother-of-pearl button

    - Dry-clean recommended

  • Olivia von Halle was living in Shanghai as a luxury trend forecaster when she noticed that she was missing the perfect silk pyjama to lounge in gracefully after evenings out with friends, before heading off to bed for the night. Her brand was born out of demand in 2011 and has become a cult favourite of some of the world’s most glamorous women, including models, designers, diplomats, and fashion insiders alike. Cut with pure British tailoring tradition, Olivia Von Halle pyjamas are state of the art sleepwear: fastened with mother-of-pearl engraved buttons, bordered with hand made silk piping and finished with princess seams.

  • Olivia von Halle pyjamas are carefully designed to fit each woman with a tailored ease, paying attention to both size and height. Ranging from 1-4, the length of the pyjama as well as the size go up with each digit. Please contact us if you have any questions about the particular sizing of Olivia von Halle pyjamas so that we can help you find your perfect fit. If you are unsure of your size, it is recommended to choose a pyjama one size bigger to ensure the perfect length can be achieved.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at

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